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Trained By Ana Brandt

As a newborn photographer I try to make as many attempts as possible to keep myself educated and up to date on trends, techniques, as well as safety in this industry. Last November, I was fortunate enough to attend an in person newborn and maternity workshop with one of the best in the industry and someone I have followed for several years now, Ana Brandt. To a layman, her name doesn't ring any bells, but in the photo world, she is a celebrity. Ana speaks and trains internationally to newborn photographers all over the globe. I have purchased many of her online training resources already, and when the opportunity presented itself to train with her in person, I jumped at the chance! The in person workshop focused on newborn wrapping, newborn transitional posing, newborn prop posing, studio light, pregnancy backlighting, pregnancy low key, and pregnancy transitional posing. I am proud to be able to display my new certificate and logo "Trained by Ana Brandt!" Here are a few highlights and behind the scenes photos from that day.


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