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Avery Turns Three!

It was a beautiful warm spring evening. There was no wind and we had a gorgeous sunset. My daughter turned three on Sunday so I took her outside for her three year portraits. Last year I bought her a dress from Cora & Violet... one of my favorite vendors for several years now, and we finally used it! Lucky for me it fit perfectly! Photo sessions with Avery can be difficult to say the least, so for a few days before I built up the excitement. I told her we were going to put on her pretty dress and go play together. It seemed to work pretty well although she had her moments :) Towards the end when her attention span was running out I gave her an old vintage camera to play with and she got to be the photographer too! If you were to ask her, she would say she had a little bit of fun but not a lot haha! Still it was a huge improvement from previous photoshoots! I love this sassy little angel so much!


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